Aleksandr Zakharchenko
Vice President, Liquidity Services, BNY Mellon
Implementing AI Models Across International Trading Systems
Anand Joshi
AI / Computer Vision Executive Analyst, Omdia
Where are all the Sub 1W chipsets, needed for AI at the Edge ?
Arun Rajasekaran
Head, Technology Strategy, Wearables, Poly
The Future of AI Collaboration - Mass Personalization
Bill Dally
Chief Scientist, Senior Vice President of Research, NVIDIA
Accelerating Intelligence
Brandon Reeves
Partner, Lux Capital
VC Panel AMA
Christine Roberts
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Poly’s Enterprise Headset Division
Digital Transformation and Collaboration in post-COVID world
David Wyatt
CTO, PixelDisplay
Rethinking the GPU, the Case for AI/Compute at Visual Edge in the SmartPixels Era
Dr. Dorsa Sadigh
Assistant Professor, Stanford University
A Human-Centered Perspective on Collaboration with Robots
Franco Maloberti
Past President IEEE CASS, IEEE Fellow
Analog Circuits for AI
Gautam Khera
Sr. Global Director, Western Digital
AI in the Design of Industrial Processes and Manufacturing Systems
Gordon Wilson
CEO and Co-Founder, Rain Neuromorphics
End-to-End fully Analog, a quantum leap in AI Training efficiency, and an end to GPU Accelerators?
Jason R. Smith
Principal Engineer, UL LLC
Jonathan Lloyd
Data Scientist - Industrial IoT, Western Digital
HDD as an IoT device – Embedded TinyML to enforce policy coordination in storage devices
Dr. Kiran Gunnam
Distinguished Engineer - Machine Learning & Computer Vision, Western Digital
Liam Pedersen
Deputy Director, Robotics Alliance Innovation Lab, Nissan, Silicon Valley
Robots in a Human World
Manjeet Singh
Product Management Leader, ServiceNow
Data in AI
Mark Saroufim
AI Engineer, Graphcore
The IPU: A new hardware architecture for AI powered drug discovery
Michael James
Founder and Chief Architect. Advanced Technologies, Cerebras
Cerebras - Architecture of the Machines that Guide our Search for AI
Motoi Ichihashi
Senior Member of Technical Staff, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
Ninos Youkhana
Application Development, Accenture
Ravindra Kumar
Agile Technical Program Manager, NavVis
Dr. Roman Yampolskiy
Associate Professor, University of Louisville
The Safety of Autonomous Robots
Scott Reynolds
Cofounder and CEO, UpCodes
Automating Architectural Design and Regulatory Compliance Using AI
Sharif Zadeh
Founder & President, AI Technologies
Siddha Ganju
Architect, Self-Driving Vehicles, NVIDIA
Terry Fong
Senior Scientist, Autonomous Systems, NASA Ames
Robots in a Human World
Utham Kamath
Director Machine Learning Systems, Groq
The Groq Tensor Streaming Processor (TSP) and the Value of Deterministic Instruction Execution
Dr. Wayne Thompson
Chief Data Scientist, SAS Institue
Life, the Universe, and the AI Enterprise of the Future
Dr. Alexandre Valentian
Head of Advanced Technologies and SoC Lab, CEA-LETI
Choosing the right combination of technology, design and tools is key for successful Edge AI solutions
Anup Das
Assistant Professor, Drexel University
Compiler for Neuromorphic Computing
Ben Amaba
CTO, Data Analytics and AI Elite Team, Industrial Manufacturing, IBM
Collaborating and orchestrating the development of AI models for Supply Chain
Bill Orner
Director, Systems Engineering, Esperanto Technologies
Charlie Catlett
Senior Research Scientist, Discovery Partners Institute, University of Illinois
Smart Cities
D'vorah Graeser
Founder, KISSPlatform
How KISSPlatform Will Help You Build Organizational Innovation
Deniz Kalaslioglu
Co-founder and CTO, Soar Robotics
Cloud-connected robotics intelligence platform for ad hoc drone networks
Ekaterina Sirazitdinova
Data Scientist Computer Vision, Video Analytics and Deep Learning, NVIDIA
How to implement AI for real-time vision processing on the Edge
Ganesh Rao
Director, Process & System Certification, UL LLC
George Ng
Regional Director of AI & IoT, Western Digital
AI in the Design of Industrial Processes and Manufacturing Systems
Gurjeet Singh
CEO and Co-founder, Thread Robotics
Life, the Universe, and the AI Enterprise of the Future
Jawad Nasrullah
Co-founder, CTO and President, zGlue Inc.
ODSA/OCP - Open Accelerator Architecture Project
Jonathan Reichental
CEO, HumanFuture
Smart Cities
Laura Herlant
Sr. Robotics Research Scientist and Machine Learning Manager, iRobot
Challenges of Real-World Deployment of AI in an Unmonitored Environment
Lip-Bu Tan
CEO, Cadence
AI and Data-centric Industry Trends
Marc Mar-Yohana
Vice President, Global Program Management, UL
Mark J. Underhill
Principal Engineer, Moog
The Safety of Autonomous Robots
Michael P. Evans
NA AI Practice Lead, Accenture
Life, the Universe, and the AI Enterprise of the Future
Nathan Bivans
CTO, FORT Robotics
The Safety of Autonomous Robots
Pieter Abbeel
Prof UC Berkeley, Founder/President/Chief Scientist covariant.ai, Founder Gradescope
AI Robotic Solutions in the Real World: Challenges and Paths Forward
Richard Margolin
CTO and Co-Founder, RoboKind
Robots in a Human World
Sagar Behere
Director Systems and Safety Engineering, Aurora
Robots in a Human World
Sean McGregor
ML Architect, Syntiant
Digital Transformation and Collaboration in post-COVID world
Shigeru Ichiura
CEO, ViAR&E Corporation, Graduate Student
Farming Solutions
Steven Ganz
Founder and CEO, Teamifier, Inc
Thomas Henson
UDS Business Development Manager AI/Analytics, Dell Technologies
Architecture considerations when scaling from proof-of concept to AI in analytics
Vaibhav Ghadiok
Vice President Engineering, Hayden AI
Reinventing the future of safe and smart cities
Weiyu Tong
RF Laboratory Engineer, UL
Amy Nickolay
Data Science & AI Specialist, , IBM
Collaborating and orchestrating the development of AI models for Supply Chain
Armando Acosta
Data Analytics and Machine & Deep Learning Product Manager, Dell EMC
HPC Ready Architecture for AI and Analytics
Ben Scott Robinson
Co-Founder, Small Robot Company
The inspiration of robotic forms
James Bradley Aimone
Principal Member Technical Staff, Data-driven and Neural Computing group, Sandia National Laboratories
Preparing for the Next Generation of Brain-Inspired AI
Chris Rowen
CEO, BabbleLabs, Inc.
VC Panel AMA
David S. Wroth
Director Data Science, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Dhirendranath Singh
Graduate Student, UGAS, Iwate University
Farming Solutions
Eshwar Belani
Partner, Symphony AI
Life, the Universe, and the AI Enterprise of the Future
Gary Brown
Director, AI Marketing, Edge IoT Group, Intel
Deploying Visual Intelligence at the edge
George Williams
Director Data Science and Associative Computing, GSI Technology
Hazel Mann
Founder and CEO, Volynt
Principal Advisor, Zetta Advisory
How Innovation Will Shape the Organization of the Future
Joe Allnutt
CTO & Head of Robot Awesomeness, Small Robot Company
Multisensory Farmbots: turning data into action with weed-electrocution and slug elimination
Kanu Gulati
Investor, Khosla Ventures
VC Panel AMA