Vaibhav Ghadiok
Vice President Engineering, Hayden AI


Reinventing the future of safe and smart cities


Vaibhav Ghadiok is an engineering leader with a track record of productizing robotics technology. He has over ten years of experience in sensing, perception, state estimation (localization/mapping/navigation), and control of autonomous UAVs and mobile robots. A decade ago he designed one of the first visually-guided autonomous drones demonstrating the first instance of autonomous aerial manipulation. At Nauto, he conceptualized, spearheaded and delivered a real-time collaborative HD mapping system for highly automated driving leading product and engineering of hardware, firmware, software, backend, on-device and in-cloud algorithms. He drove business development and strategic partnerships with domestic and foreign automotive OEMs resulting in significant revenue and winning a contract with one of the largest automotive OEMs. He has cofounded a startup developing navigation solutions using commercially available radars that matched the performance of LiDAR-based navigation. He has built robots that fly, climb stairs, interact with humans, dock with spacecrafts, autonomously navigate indoors and more. Vaibhav has published and served as a referee for top journals and conferences in robotics, controls and navigation. He is a cofounder and VP Engineering at Hayden AI building an intelligent camera platform for smart cities.

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