ValleyML AI Expo 2020 Conference Series

(Global & Virtual)

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We are excited to announce a 9-week series of online events, on key topics in Enterprise AI, AI Robotics, and AI Hardware. Our conference is where leaders and innovators meet to share, inspire and network. We’re proud to host some of the most well-known and influential voices in the field.

We have a global outreach to close to 200,000 professionals in AI and Machine Learning. The focus areas of our members are AI Robotics, AI in Enterprise and AI Hardware. We are expecting around 1000 attendees. 
Depending on the sponsorship level, your logo will be prominently placed and seen by hundreds of professionals who receive conference mailings, visit this website, and attend the event. Because opportunities are limited, we do suggest that you sign up early. We look forward to working with you as a ValleyML sponsor. Sponsorship not only gives your company a greater presence at the event, but also gives you exceptional visibility to attendees as well as our members.

You can view the Whole series' agenda here. Program and speaker details will soon be added in this document.

Why You Should Sponsor

As a sponsor, you will not only dramatically extend your company’s presence, you’ll also become an essential part of the team that makes the conference possible. Explore our General Conference Sponsorship Packages which offer a perfect combination of building brand awareness and recognition, engagement with the attendees, and premier speaking opportunities.

Your organization will gain maximum exposure to an audience that includes highly regarded executives and decision makers, world renowned researchers and scientists, and a group of young and diverse professionals and students. Your organization will be featured prominently on all related collaterals. You can use this premier event to showcase your brand and share your company’s products, services, and vision with an influential engineering audience. As a sponsor, you can

  • Benefit from significant brand exposure at the world’s largest technical professional organization

  • Showcase your company as a leader in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Industry

  • Get first-hand access to the latest research and discussion on all topics relevant to AI

  • Receive quality data of all attendees that watch your presentation and those that express a high level of interest and intent

  • Have a wide range of branding opportunities to put your organisation at the heart of the show

  • Build relationships: powerful interactions with a lasting impact



If you are interested in sponsorship, please send an email to

Don’t see anything that meets your needs? Please contact us and we will be happy to speak with you about a custom sponsorship package.

Please note that in-person conferences (i.e. AI Hardware Expo on May 5th-6th 2020, AI Enterprise Expo on August 25th-26th 2020 and AI Robotics Expo on November 12th-13th 2020 at SEMI, Milpitas, Silicon Valley) are converted into this virtual AI Expo series. 

If you have already purchased a ticket please visit here to access the recordings.