Panel Discussion:

AI tools for creation and debugging

Panel Chair/Moderator: Ted Selker, CEO,


Peter Norvig, Director of Research, Google

David Henkel-Wallace, Co-founder, Leela AI

Scott Penberthy, Director of Applied AI, Google

Ken Haase, Chief AI Officer, Doc.AI  AI tools for creation and debugging


Creating and debugging systems has always been important. Tools we are working with today are still steeped in the command line scripting paradigm of the 1980s. Creating and testing AI models should not require deep experience or knowledge of the domain, Computer Science and Statistics. This panel will explore simplifying the creation and testing of ML systems.

Panel Chair/Moderator

Ted Selker



Scott Penberthy

Director of Applied AI, Google


​Ken Haase

Chief AI Officer, Doc.AI AI tools for creation and debugging


David Henkel-Wallace

Partner, Rodin AI


Peter Norvig

Director of Research, Google

Please note that in-person conferences (i.e. AI Hardware Expo on May 5th-6th 2020, AI Enterprise Expo on August 25th-26th 2020 and AI Robotics Expo on November 12th-13th 2020 at SEMI, Milpitas, Silicon Valley) are converted into this virtual AI Expo series.