Featured Events

State of AI and ML- Spring 2019

In this event as part of series of regularly planned events, we covered the state-of-the art advances in AI technology. We focused on AI Accelerators, Self-Driving and Face Processing. We featured thought leaders from Computing, Autonomous systems and Computer Vision.

Machine Learning Compiler Workshop-Spring 2019

We would like to explore the state-of-the art in compilers for machine learning in this series of workshops. In our Fall 2018 workshop, we featured the speakers from teams working on Google Tensorflow XLA, Intel nGraph & PlaidML, TVM and Xilinx ML Suite. In this Spring 2019 workshop, we featured speakers who are working in areas such as Facebook GlowCadence's XNNC (Tensilica Xtensa Neural Net Compiler), and LeFLow - an open-source tool-flow that maps numerical computation models written in Tensorflow to synthesizable hardware. The talks are focused on explaining the design choices as well as hands-on overview of how to get started on these compilers to contribute.